Shivering Deer�

). Snarling Wolf�

Big Butterfly� While some people think of the bright lights and fun atmosphere of the hotels, others think of the large fields and the horses that roam there. Wyatt Earp Laughing Monkey� Earp was most famous for his showdown with an outlaw gang in Tombstone. Finally, Pat caught him in a showdown, and the reign of terror ended. Rex Allen Robert Clay Allison was born to Jeremiah Scotland Allison, a Texas cattle rancher and Presbyterian minister, and Mariah Ruth Brown Allison on September 2, 1841, in Tennessee. Sport Too Tall Grizzly

We imagine a Morgan is more of a soft-spoken, sentimental type. Chief Kicking Bird Running Dog� It's not about the boots and hats, the horses and all, although those are pretty cool too. Manitou Smiley Burnette Fish Hawk Blaze King Some people think that the name might have gone to the girls because of the uber-famous actress Dakota Fanning, but the name is just as popular for boys as for girls. The authorities declined to prosecute, and after that Pat turned to a life of upholding the law. Red Fox�

It's not so obvious that it wouldn't work in the boardroom, but West might be happier leading his company from in the field, we think. Chief One Horn Chief Josef George Armstrong Custer It took a feminine turn as Ashley Abbott became a household name in the TV show The Young and the Restless. In the 1880s, Horn was popular as a tracker and a bounty hunter; he was hired by the Pinkerton Detective Agency but was forced to resign after he was associated with the murders of 17 men. Kid Curry Dark Hawk Some people think that this name is originated from the German language but the popular belief is that it has derived from English meaning ‘living in hay vale’. Cherokee Bill It means praising the Hebrew god Yahweh. It’s a name which has always been on the wish-list of parents.

The U.S. Calvary hired him as a scout and interpreter during the Apache Wars. General George Washington Speedy Bear� There are two huge film stars from past generations that share the name, although they are different genders — Morgan Freeman and Morgan Fairchild — and while neither of them have been known for playing cowboys, we think it works really well for a boy who loves to spend time around a campfire or riding the open range. Gray Wolf Over the next several years, Allison was reported to have killed several men over disagreements, and in one case he decapitated a man and brought the severed head into a saloon. Scampering Wolf� Scout Golden Sunset� Robert Fuller

Screaming Scorpion� Water Lilly� Sunflower� For this next name, we're going to something that might work for cowboys in Ireland as much as in the West. Pete is a nickname name for Peter, which means "rock." Firebird Hunting Hawk� It was more widely used in the late 1800s and early 1900s not long after the territory became a state.

Chief Dull Knife Thunder Ticks & Gremlins |

Dune Runner This name originates from an English surname, which in turn has come from the Latin ‘palma’ or palm tree. Smiling Star� Princess Little Dove� George O'Brian Chief Big Foot Some of his most renowned films include "Stagecoach," "The Searchers," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," and "The Grapes of Wrath.". Chief Little Bear Sheik Rod Cameron

Note 1:  Dalton brothers gang included George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, T-Hawk� Spotted Eagle Rain Cloud�

Raving Bull

While Liam has become a popular alternative to William, we think that moms and dads who are looking for a cowboy name could bring a resurgence back to Billy, which is already on a role with the son of Jimmy Kimmel who we all have fallen in love with as he battles through heart defects. White Pearl� Little Lake� Southern Paw� Some people opine that this name came from another word which means to go. Light Feather� Little Manatee� It surged in popular after the movie based on the novel came out in the 1950s, but it's become less popular in the last few decades.

Deadwood Dick Dubbed “the most noted Negro cowboy that ever topped off a horse,” Addison Jones was known for his skill at breaking (“topping off”) untrained wild broncos. White Flash� Little Feather� Cowboys are most known for pioneering the Western United States. Yellow Bull It means "friendly one," which gives us the impression of the cowboy with the 10-gallon hat and the grin just as big. The most notable bearer of this name is the famous singer Hank Williams Jr. Lillie Langtry In 1884, Fisher and his friend Ben Thompson attended a play at the Turner Hall Opera House in San Antonio.

And while it's an old name that has bene around for centuries, it's fairly uncommon for parents who are hoping their little cowpoke will stand out.

Broken Doll Little Moose� It is the diminutive form of several names like Randolf or Randel.

Running Bear� The name is unusual, and it was most popular about 100 years ago, which makes it great for the vintage name trend. Chief Wolf Necklace

Little Blue Feather� Black Hawk� But we think that it is ripe for a comeback. Little Running Behind

Crazy Legs� No Flesh Here are 10 of the most well-known. Lone Howling Wolf George Armstrong Custer It means "cavalryman" or "messenger," according to Nameberry, and while it seems to have been around since the Wild West days, the name was just inside the top 1000 in the 1990s, but it has reason to just outside of the top 100 only two decades later. This name reminds us of Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino. Mangas Howling Coyote� Shining Daisy� Grooming | Eyes Moon Face�

When the Civil War broke out, John Wesley attempted to run away to join the Confederate Army. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services.

Chief Ninigret Fishing Bear�

Silver Star� Wild Bill Hickok John Wesley Hardin

Bears Belly Little Dolphin� While it was the third most popular name in 2016 for boys, its nickname Liam was actually No. Jimmy Stewart Sundance Kid Chief White Antelope Chief Red Whip Buster Crabbe Levi was also the name of the apostle Matthew in the New Testament before he took on a new moniker with his new life with Jesus. Wrestling Bear Little Fish� Chief Red Warbonnet

We think it's a great place name choice for a little cowboy. It's not a negative, just a reality for people in the old days of the cowboys. And it means "gift."

Chief The Swan

Chief Nana Blonde Feathers� There's a reality TV star named Jesse James who is known for his prowess with motorcycles, and there is also a female Jesse James, now Jesse James Decker, who is a country singer. Shane is mysterious, and people are worried that he is an infamous criminal, but instead he proves himself to be an upstanding character who is brave and righteous and definitely a hero. Long Bow�, Long Knife They moved to Idaho, opened a saloon, and mined for gold. Morgan is the name of one of Wyatt Earp's brothers who did a lot to help him keep order in the Wild West. Big Bear� Annie Oakley.

Guy is a good egg, and a cowboy we all love. Golden Eagle� Red Cloud

Ben Hur It's also the name of the lead character in "Easy Rider," and while it definitely brings the masculine swagger, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did unisex fans a favor by giving the moniker to their daughter several years ago. And as the name of the highest trophy in golf, it still has the aristocratic air to it at the same time. It makes you think of a man wearing a Stetson with dirt on his jeans who can take care of just about anything that happens in life. Tiger Tulip�

Place names may seem like a new trend these days, but it was definitely a thing during the Old West days.

The title character is definitely one of the most upstanding heroes from the western genre, and we think that is a great inspiration for a baby named Shane. Adam Cartwright

Flying Eagle� We think that's a great person for a little boy to grow up to be. Rattling Hawk Chief Slow Bull There are very few baby Codys around, so the little one will stand out with this great two-syllable option. Rolling Rock�

Golden Pony� Comanche Robert "Little Beaver" Blake Captain Jack Chief Grizzly Bear

Little Acorn� Blue Cub�

There are also television personalities Ty Burrell and Ty Pennington. Thus he ultimately became known as one of the most feared lawmen in Texas. This name has been made famous by the Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman. Lori Martin (National Velvet) Chief Does Everything Red Robin� Raging Bull� Ken Maynard Eddie Dean

Chief Keokuk Moms may be surprised what we've roped up. Flying Eagle� Wade is an English name that means "at the river crossing," according to Nameberry. Golden Bobcat� Chief Two Guns A gunfighter, gambler, showman, and peace officer, Hickok may have killed more than 100 men. Fox Tail Coiled Snake� Jeremy Renner plays the character of Hawk-Eye in the famed movie Avengers. Hoot Gibson Chief Bear Cut Ear | Cowboy Later it was found that the name has its roots in the German language and came from the French word ‘warrene’ which means a place where animals are enclosed. Chief Running Antelope Hardin rode with outlaw Frank Polk in Navarro County until Polk was arrested for murder. They may not have dressed like Clint Eastwood, with a holster slung low on the hips, but these gunmen made names for themselves nonetheless. Dream Catcher� Jumping Deer� James Lone Elk Gliding Eagle� It's got the casual but cool connotation like a well worn pair of jeans. Legal Eagle� A true cowboy is all about horses, and colt is the term for a spirited young horse, specifically a male who has the potential to be fast like a racehorse. Moonlight� Related story from us:The tangled story of Pat Garrett, the Old West lawman who kept getting into trouble.

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