But this precious food has in its body one of the most powerful lethal poisons of the whole world, which has the name tetradotoxin, and when it is consumed by man, it paralyzes all the muscles of his body dying finally by asphyxia. Puffers are extremely agile and can swim in almost any direction, but are also extremely slow. The treatment is based on the patient’s general condition, clinical history and the degree of poisoning. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_text_color','000000'); Top 5 Live Plants to Use in Brackish Aquariums. Puffers are an extremely intelligent species of fish and are known to develop distinct individual personalities. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("folder3", "puffer-fish"); googletag.pubads().setTargeting("sitename", "petguide_com"); This fish has become so famous, because it is one of the Japanese favorite dishes and is present in the best restaurants in this country, so it is a luxury that not much people can afford. Most of these deaths were due to amateur fishermen trying to cook the fish in their homes, without having the slightest idea how to clean it. Eating in such a place represents a cost of 120 dollars per diner. Unfortunately, this has a contraindication for the fish, since its catches have increased jeopardizing this species.

The puffer fish’s bodies are also covered in tiny, pointed spines, making them a formidable meal when puffed up. In the past it was created a legend that if the diner lost his life eating the dish prepared, the chef very honorably had to perform the ritual of suicide in front of the victim for him also to take his life. } It is believed that the flesh of the puffer fish or fugu, is one of the most delicious delicacies in the world. Puffer fish do best when kept in very large aquariums with plenty of hiding places made of caves, logs and plants. var dfpMapping728x90 = googletag.sizeMapping() f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); var dfp728Slots = []; It must also regularize the authorized sites to dispose of toxic waste, since these must be placed in special containers, to avoid that they can contaminate other waste, or that some indigent or animal of the street, may die by accident, or negligence. if (typeof(dfp728Slots) !== 'undefined' && dfp728Slots.length > 0) { I, myself don’t call fish pets, but if you’re considering adding a puffer fish to your aquarium, you need to learn all you can about them first.

Pufferfish can vary from two inches to up to several feet in length. Since tetradotoxin is found in the liver, skin, and ovaries of this animal, its preparation is highly dangerous.

For this reason, it is advisable to arrange the puffer fish aquarium in a way that breaks up their line of sight, decreasing the size of the territory each fish will feel it needs to defend. Their eyes are quite large and black, with bluish minks, being rounded by a golden or copper iris and can be confused with the ocelli that dot their body. Ursula and puffer fish $5, Looking for freshwater dwarf indian puffer fish, also known as the Malabar pufferfish, pea pufferfish or pygmy pufferfish. On the other hand, it is important to point out that the dorsal and pectoral fins are highly effective motor organs that give Puffer fish a very agile swimming, and even quickly modify the direction of their displacement. They can adapt with some difficulty to the dry food in the form of granules, but the ideal is to feed them with snails, whose shell allows them to keep controlled their powerful teeth, which grows steadily. e.async = 1; dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_url_color','0983B6'); }); Dated 29/09/2020 If interest Need more Please contact us for Pre-Order.

googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); The progress made states that 75 % of patients who received drugs with a base of this toxin experienced good results. Most species of puffers are also poisonous and produce neurotoxins which can sometimes be lethal to predators. Their temperament usually forces their owners to enable a specific aquarium to prevent puffer fish from devouring other fish species.Puffers are active fish at all levels of the aquarium, but they need plants and roots to swim in. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_background_color','ffffff'); console.log("cf: taboola googlefc not found. dfp728Slots.push(googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_728x90_Bottom_PETS_Content', [728, 90], 'PetGuide_com_728x90_Bottom_PETS_Content').defineSizeMapping(dfpMapping728x90).addService(googletag.pubads())); Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Currently, there are also stores that the government has authorized to sell the Puffer Fish already prepared, and ready to cook, with the guarantee that has been prepared by specialized people, so it does not generate any risk for diners.

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